Personal opinion

This is a personal blog. All opinions and views expressed are my own unless explicitly stated otherwise. I don’t get paid nor do I receive freebies to blog, I just like sharing the things that I personally love. Should the occasion for sponsorships, freebies and the like ever arise, I will explicitly mention that it is a sponsored post.

Copyright and usage of content

The content of this blog has all been created solely by me, on the rare occasion that I do share creative work of third parties, I strive to do so with their permission and I will always mention the source or creator. If you have any doubts or questions concerning copyrighted property shown on this blog, please contact me via the email address below.
Please don’t copy my content without permission and please do not remove my copyright mark on the pictures.
I like to keep tabs as to where my images or writings are going, so if you would like to use any of the content I create, please contact me via the email address below and I promise I won’t bite :)

Can I work with you?

If your suggestion fits within my blog profile and I feel like it will appeal to and interest my readers, than I don’t see why not! But please do keep in mind that this blog is a personal hobby and I have a fulltime day job. Either way, there’s no harm in asking, so please contact me via the email address below.

I’m in one of your pictures and I don’t like it!

I often dabble in street photography and consequently will take pictures of individuals or groups that I find interesting or are, in my opinion, part of what sets the entire mood for an event or place. I never intend to take unflattering portraits nor do I intend to place you in a bad light (ahem… pun unintended). Basically, if I have taken a picture of you, it just means that on that particular moment, I find you an exceptionally beautiful human being.
But I will fully understand if you still want me to remove your picture, just drop me a note at the email address below and I will remove it.

I’m in one of your pictures and I love it!

Well then I’m glad that you do :)
Please let me know in the comments and spread the good karma! If you want a print of your picture, please drop me a note and I’ll send you a higher resolution version if possible.