5 Reasons why morning notes are worth your time

Benefits of writing morning notes or morning pages

Several entrepreneurs and self-growth writers include writing morning pages in their daily habits. These morning notes can help you become more productive and focused in your day to day life. Want to know what morning notes can do for you? Then keep on reading!

First things first: What are morning notes?

Morning notes, or morning pages, are a creative habit from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. The instructions are simple: Get up in the morning and jot down three pages of whatever comes to mind. Just write down anything you’re thinking about, no matter how silly or stupid or scary it is. Think of it as a sort of stream-of-conscience style diary.

Ever since I started writing morning notes, I have noticed how much they impact my daily focus level. I have less of my anxieties and worries take over the day. Instead, I get more things done. Here’s how I believe that you can benefit from writing morning notes:

The 5 benefits of writing morning notes

1. It clears your head

When we sleep our brain is processing the previous day. But sometimes there’s just too much to process in one night. As someone who worries a lot (hello anxiety!), I tend to wake up often with a head heavy of worry. Getting all that rubbish out of my head and on paper helps me to identify fears and doubts that I never realized that I had, and to let go of things that I can’t solve right now.

2. It helps you understand yourself

Just the mere act of writing down your worries and doubts gives you an insight into what is troubling you at the moment. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed with negative whispers that you fail to see the bigger picture. Writing them down makes you see patterns and connections that weren’t clearly visible at first. The more you ponder and write, the faster you’ll find what exactly is bothering you. You might even find that the majority of your worries originate from one and the same problem. It will give you an insight in how you think, how you deal with things and, if need be, how you can improve on that.

3. It forces you to acknowledge your fears and doubts

The key to morning notes is writing down every thought. Sometimes we dismiss a thought for being too silly, stupid or even shameful. However, the mind does not dismiss so easily. That silly thought might get stuck in the back of your head and develop into a genuinely frightening idea. Write it down now, acknowledge it, nip it in the bud before it becomes a scary monster.

4. It makes you focus on today

Getting the fog out of your head and on paper gives you more space to focus on what should take priority right now. It will become easier to concentrate on your daily tasks and you’ll find an improved confidence in your creative abilities. When you write down all your self-doubt, these doubts will stop bothering you and in return, you’ll be able to get started with your creative projects instead of thinking about what could go wrong.

5. It gives you a more objective perspective on your fears

Fears that linger in your head tend to blow up and become more important than they really are. The thought “Am I good enough?” might linger in your head to become “I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t even bother.” But when you write these thoughts down, they don’t get the time to twist and turn into an idea of not being good enough. On a good day, you might even conclude in your notes that “Well, I’m never going to know if I’m good enough if I don’t try now.”.

Have you tried writing morning notes yet? How have they helped you?

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